Davi Giuseppe "Joe" 1938--2010

Davi Giuseppe
Giuseppe "Joe" Davi

December 6, 1938--June 24, 2010

My name is Giuseppe (Joe) Davi. I was born in Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, on December 6, 1938 to parents Guerina (Gina) Cardinale and Francesco Davi. I am the oldest of the three brothers: Pietro (Pete) and Antonio (Tony) of Monterey and Seaside, California and sister Gina Aiello now residing in Isola delle Femmine, Sicily. Sadly, our mother died when we were very young. My father remarried, and GiovannaVassalo Davi raised us as her own. 

Joe's Family in 1954, back row Joe, Stepmother Giovanna, Father Francesco, brother Pete,. In front on bench, brother Tony and sister Gina circa 1954 at studio in Palermo.

I arrived in America on February 12, 1956 with my father. We sailed on a ship from Sicily and first arrived in New York. We then proceeded cross country by train arriving first in Pittsburg, California to be welcomed by cousins, then on to Monterey. My brothers followed us two years later in 1958 and my mother and sister Gina five years later in 1962. 


Joe's family in 1954 (back row) Joe, Stepmother Giovannna, Father Francesco, Brother Pete.  Front row on bench Brother Tony, and Sister Gina, picture taken about 1954 in studio in Parlermo.



In picture Joe Davi, Peter Congilio, Salvatore Aiello, Lucido, Cardinelli, Oracio Aliello, Dimaggio and Siino

After settling, I went looking for work as a commercial fisherman and was hired by Paul Cutino, owner of the boat Santa Rosalia. Paul Cutino and his family were also from Isola delle Femmine Sicily. I have fished all my life in many regions such as Sicily, Malta, Tunisia and many surrounding islands of the Mediterranean. In addition, I have also fished in Mexico, up and down the West Coast, Brazil and many years of salmon fishing in Alaska. I have owned a few boats, Morning Star and the Swan. I have been hired by large conglomerates as captain to run their fishing operation.  In Monterey I fished for squid, salmon and black cod and I experimented with using a Dutch Seiner. The last boat I operated was the Ocean Angel 2 with Del Mar Fish Company. My fishing days were over in 2006 after more than 50 years on the ocean. 


Pictured left to right Joe Davi with brothers Pete and Tony.

I am a proud father. Three of my children live in Monterey: daughter Gina Davi and sons Francis and Joseph Davi. Also,  I am the proud Nonno of grandsons Anthony Davi, Joey Davi, Frankie Davi, Peter Davi and Joseph (JoJo) Davi and granddaughters Olivia Davi and Christa Davi, all of which reside in Monterey and Seaside, California. Furthermore, with all my brothers and sister I am also a proud uncle of many nieces and nephews all of who also reside in this area and in Sicily. We have many good memories to be thankful for. 




Pictured left to right Peter, Tony and Joe Davi.

When my father Francesco Davi retired from fishing, he made and mended nets, a lost art. I have picked up the tradition and have been designing and making new nets for Del Mar Fish. They are custom nets for mostly sardines and squid. In reviving this lost art, these nets are now being sought after by individuals throughout the West Coast. It is the simplicity and nostalgia of this lost art that intrigues people I believe.





Picture left to right Joe and Pete Davi.


During my life, I discovered I had a very creative side, too. I started to paint many years ago. My mediums are acrylics, oils, and some pencil sketching. Since semi-retiring, I have been painting a lot more, and have accumulated many pieces that I now display at different locations. My paintings have been shown at The Village Coffee Shop in downtown Monterey. I am looking forward to pursuing this endeavor in my life. My favorite is a pencil sketch that my mother hangs in her house in Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, and its title is The Dance of Angels. 

Joe Davi was Grand Marshall of the 2009 Santa Rosalia Festival.

             Joe's art work: Anthony Boy and Small Boat
        Thank you for this honor and for honoring my Saint. Viva Santa Rosalia!!!


  Joe with his son Francis Davi              Joe with his daughter Gina Joe at the Queen's Ball