Suggested Reading Italian Heritage

The Italian Heritage Society list of books or articles dealing with our Italian Heritage you may find informative.

Where Have all the Sardines Gone ?

A pictorial history of Steinbeck's Cannery Row & Old Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf & Sardine Industry.Learn More..

The Fisherman's Problem

The book covers the Ecology and Law in the California Fisheries from 1850 to 1980.Learn More..

Cannery Row

This books covers the History of John Steinbeck's Old Ocean View Avenue, photography from the Pat Hathaway Historical Photo Collection.Learn More..

The Fisherman's Children

Focus on the children of the Italian fishermen.Learn More..

Shaping the Shoreline

This book covers the Fisheries and Tourism of the Monterey Coast.Learn More..

Italians of the Monterey Peninsula

Arcadia Publications format the book covers the following topics. 1. Italian Migrate to Monterey 2. Canneries and Wharves 3. Fishing Boats and Nets 4. Santa Rosalia Festival & Blessing of the…Learn More..

Monterey's Waterfront

Arcadia Publications format covering the early days of Monterey's Waterfront.  Tim Thomas of the Monterey Maritime and History Museum and Dennis Copeland from the City of Monterey Historic Room…Learn More..

Pioneer Italian Fishermen of Martinez

This book is a must for those who are doing genealogy of their family roots who migrate to Pittsburg to fish.  There are over 68 family genealogies listed, quite extensive, a must have.Learn More..


Arcadia Publications book format covering the town of Martinez, California.Learn More..

A History of the Commerical Fishing Industry of Pittsburg, California

The booklet covers the early historical background of Pittsburg, Ca. and the fishing industry. The booklet is available from the Pittsburg Historical SocietyLearn More..

Pittsburg, California

Arcadia Publications the story of Pittsburg, CaliforniaLearn More..

A City By Another Name

A History of Pittsburg, California and surrounding areas. 1.  The Land of the Coyote, the Bear and the Eagle 2. El Rancho Las Medanos 3.New York of the Pacific 4. Black Diamond 5. Cornwall 6. (Isola Delle Femmine II)…Learn More..

Brief History of Festa Italia / Santa Rosalia Festival

                            A Brief History of Festa Italia / Santa Rosalia Festival                                                         by…Learn More..

Common Heritage Shared by California Sister Communities

Early Monterey clipper hull being launched at the G. E. Siino boat shop and ramp in Pittsburg. In the background is the F. E. Booth Cannery. Siino's brother, Angelo, founded the Monterey Boat Works…Learn More..

Gill, Lampara and Seine Nets: A Day in the Life of a Fisherman

The mending and repair of fishing nets is an art form, a special skill which takes time to learn. We will take a look at three types of fishing nets that were used to fish the waters of Monterey Bay. Anthony…Learn More..

Isola delle Femmine Sister City

Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, became a Sister City to Monterey, California, on September 8, 2017.  Instrumental in getting this Sister City connection were Gasper Cardinale, Peter Coniglio and…Learn More..

Pittsburg, CA: The Black Diamond Connection (see photo's under same tittle)

Italians started migrating to the United States before 1850 with the discovery of gold in California at Sutter’s Mill around 1848.  Collinsville, California was a dropping off point for…Learn More..

Beyond Cannery Row

I find this book very interesting in reading, it covers the culture of the Sicilian women who worked in the canneries in Monterey and the strength they showed in raising their families as the husbands…Learn More..