Honorees Italian Heritage Society

Gasper Cardinale HONOREE 2020

Gasper Vincent Cardinale was born in Palermo, Sicily to Vincenzo and Nellina Cardinale on February 14, 1935. At the age of 3 Gasper moved to the United States with his mother and maternal grandfather,…Learn More..

Anthony Davi HONOREE 2020

Anthony Davi was the first-born son to Vita and Guido Davi on February 4, 1939.  He is a Monterey native lifetime resident and business owner on the Monterey Peninsula.  Growing up he lived…Learn More..

Julie Ann Lozano HONOREE 2020

Julie Ann Lozano is a seriously committed community volunteer in Monterey County.  She was raised by her father who modeled civic awareness for her.  When he was diagnosed with ALS, Julie Ann…Learn More..

Mary Arancio Managuerra HONOREE 2020

Mary Arancio Manuguerra grew up in the fishing community. She was born in Monterey on June 20, 1948 to Diego and Francesca (Chicchina) Arancio.  Her parents were born in Isola di Marettimo, Sicily.…Learn More..

Agliano Nat HONOREE 2012

Nat's parents Frank and Mary Agliano moved to the United States in 1920 from Siracusa, Sicily. They settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Nat an only child, was born on February 18, 1932. He…Learn More..

Aiello Erasmo HONOREE 2018

Erasmo Aiello Erasmo Aiello, or as some know him, Orazio Aiello, is the owner of Palermo Bakery and a professional tenor. Erasmo got his start in the bakery business working in the family bakery…Learn More..

Aiello Gus HONOREE 2016

Gus Aiello Sr. was born in Monterey, California, to Erasimo Aiello and Mary Bruno Aiello on November 30, 1931. He is the seventh child of eight, three girls and five boys. Gus grew, up on Larkin Street…Learn More..

Albert Dan Sr. HONOREE 2017

After more than 25 years in public service, Dan Albert retired as Mayor of Monterey in November 2006. He held the position of Mayor for 20 years, longer than anyone else in Monterey's 225-year history.…Learn More..

Ausonio Nancy HONOREE 2010

​The only child of Italian immigrants, Nancy was born and raised in Monterey where she graduated from San Carlos grammar school and Monterey High School. In 1985 Nancy helped establish the Friends of…Learn More..

Bain Marietta Marcuzzo HONOREE 2018

Marietta Marcuzzo Bain Marietta was born in Monterey to Louie and Fay (Russo) Marcuzzo.  Along with her Sister, Joanne and brother Louie, the family was fortunate enough to be able to reside…Learn More..

Balestreri Ted HONOREE 2018

TED J. BALESTRERI  In 1957, Ted moved with his family from Brooklyn, New York, to the Monterey Peninsula. A 1958 graduate of Carmel High School, he attended Monterey Peninsula College and graduated…Learn More..

Benech Mary HONOREE 2013

Mary Melicia Benech, the daughter of Salvator and Angelina Melicia, was born on June 21, 1927 in Monterey, CA. She was one of five children, brother Ted (deceased), sister Rose, her twin sister Louise…Learn More..

Brogno Frank Paul HONOREE 2008

Frank Brogno was born in the province of Cosenza in the region of Calabria in southern Italy to Maria Assunta and Pietro Maria Brogno on January 1, 1922.  At age seven, he and his mother were…Learn More..

Bruno Frank HONOREE 2013

Frank Bruno was born in Monterey, CA on January 23, 1957 to Stoney and Anna Bruno. He grew up going to local schools and graduated from Monterey High School in 1975. He married his wife, Cindi in 1978…Learn More..

Bruno Mike HONOREE 2013

Michael Anthony Bruno, a 3rd generation Italian American, was born in Monterey on May 13, 1960 to Frank (Stoney) and Anna Bruno. He has two brothers, Frank and Steve and one sister Paula. Mike attended…Learn More..

Canepa Theresa HONOREE 2008

Theresa Canepa is a native of Monterey. There are not too many of these left. She was born on April 1, 1936. Theresa attended local schools graduating from Monterey Union High School. Her roots are strongly…Learn More..

Cardinale Joseph HONOREE 2017

Joe was born Joseph Albert Cardinale, to parents Genevieve and Salvatore Cardinale, on June 20, 1951. Joe grew up with two brothers, the eldest, Vincent, and his younger brother, Thomas. Joe is a "local…Learn More..

Cardinale Salvatore P. HONOREE 2011

Sal was born to Vince and Rosa Cardinale on December 8, 1932 at the El Adobe Hospital in Monterey (now the present site of the Pacheco Club) He has two brothers, Sam and Anthony and two sisters, Grace…Learn More..

Cardinalli John HONOREE 2014

John Cardinalli was born in Pittsburg, Ca., on August 4, 1921. He was the ninth child of twelve. Six boys and six girls. His family moved to Monterey when he was around six years old and lived first on…Learn More..

Coniglio Peter HONOREE 2002

Peter was born on May 6, 1929 on Jefferson Street in Monterey, the second son of Horace and Mary Coniglio, and the grandson of Pietro Ferrante, a pioneer and founder of Monterey's sardine fishing…Learn More..

Crivello Frank HONOREE 2012

Francesco "Frank" Crivello, the son of Giuseppe and Providenza Crivello, was born on May 18, 1922 in Trapani, Sicily. Frank began work with his father fishing in the Mediterranean Sea at the…Learn More..

Crivello Very Rev. Peter A. HONOREE 2016

The Very Reverend Peter Anthony Crivello was born on July 1, 1960 in Monterey. He is the son of Frank and Mary Crivello and brother of Joseph and Providence Crivello. His Father Frank, a native of Trapani,…Learn More..

Crivello Sebastian "Buster" HONOREE 2011

Buster Crivello is a hardworking, loud boisterous man with a thick accent and a yes, we can attitude. Born in Trapani, Sicily, he arrived in Monterey in 1961 with his father Fillipo Crivello, mother…Learn More..

Culcasi Jim & Rosine HONOREE 2019

James Joseph Culcasi was born in Pittsburg, California to Salvatore and Antonina Culcasi on May 10, 1933. Rosine Louise Costanza was born in Antioch, California to Horace and Mary Costanza on January…Learn More..

Cursio Gary HONOREE 2011

Gary Cursio was born in Chicago Illinois and is the older of two children. He had the good fortune of having his maternal grandparents, both born and raised in Sicily living with his family from a very…Learn More..

Cutino Bert HONOREE 2012

Bert was born in Monterey on August 7, 1939, to Paul and Rose Cutino. His father, born in Sicily, came to this country as a young man, settled in Monterey, joined the local fishing industry and married…Learn More..

D'Aquanno Lina HONOREE 2007

Lina D' Aquanno was born in Trapani, Sicily on March 12, 1931 the daughter of a fisherman's family. As a young girl, she learned the strong Italian family values, and the way of Christian…Learn More..

Davi Jeff HONOREE 2013

Jeff Davi, a third-generation resident of Monterey County, was born in 1957 to Anthony and Anita Davi. He has two brothers Anthony and Guido and two sisters Tina and Kathy. He attended local grammar schools,…Learn More..

Della Sala Charles HONOREE 2010

Charlie was born in New York on May 5, 1927. At the age of 3, he moved to Italy where he spent his childhood in Avellino, Fiorino, and Naples. He was educated by Salesian Priests in a school located outside…Learn More..

Della Sala Chuck HONOREE 2015

Chuck Della Sala was born in Monterey on September 2, 1955, one of five children of Charles Sr. and Monterey native Rose Marie (Bruno) Della Sala. He was raised in the Del Monte Grove and Old Town neighborhoods…Learn More..

Favazza Josephine HONOREE 2007

Josephine was born May 26, 1931 in the Pacific Grove Hospital to Joseph and Hattie Billeci. Her father was born in Crocket, California, but his family came from Isola delle Femmine. She is the second…Learn More..

Ferrante Anita Maiorana HONOREE 2016

Anita Maiorana Ferrante was born in Marettimo, an island off the coast of Sicily, to Pietro and Giuseppa Maiorana. Her father left Marettimo for America before Anita was born to earn enough money to reunite…Learn More..

Cerrito-Fettis Mary Alice HONOREE 2014

Mary Alice Cerrito-Fettis was born and raised in Monterey in a prominent local Italian family. Her parents, Sal and Alice Cerrito were pioneers in the restaurant industry, at one time owning seven restaurants…Learn More..

Gasperson Jane "Anastasi" HONOREE 2017

Jane "Anastasi" Gasperson, a 2nd generation Italian American, was born in 1951 to Joseph and Angelina Melicia Anastasi. She has one sister, Jodi Anastasi Duckett. Her Grandparents, Joseph and…Learn More..

Lavorato Shirley HONOREE 2012

Shirley Lavorato was born and raised in the Metz area of South Monterey County, one of eleven children. The dynamics of her family centered on love, affection and an emphasis on religion, honesty and…Learn More..

Leavenworth Nina HONOREE 2019

Antonina “Nina” Asaro Leavenworth was born in Monterey on April 15, 1966, to Salvatore and Antonietta Asaro. Her parents, both born in Sicily, came to Monterey in 1965, where her father joined…Learn More..

Leonard Ed and Bella HONOREE 2010

Ed and Bella Leonard And Family                            Edward (Ed) Leonard, the oldest of 7 children was born in Los Angeles and…Learn More..

Lombardo Nick HONOREE 2006

Nick Lombardo: (posthumously) Nick was a warm, gracious, and like-able man and a wonderful storyteller. After relocating to California from Chicago, he built his first gold course in Kingsburg and later…Learn More..

Marotta Mike Jr. HONOREE 2014

Mike Marotta, Jr. was born in Monterey on September 19, 1951, to Michael and Phyllis Marotta. He grew up in New Monterey and attended San Carlos Elementary School, Junipero Memorial High School,…Learn More..

Marotta Mike Sr. HONOREE 2007

Mike Marotta is an entertainer, musician, businessman, civic leader and a person who is fun to be around. His stack of newspaper clippings is taller than he stands. His list of awards and achievements…Learn More..

Marzetti David HONOREE 2014

Hailing from Canton, Ohio, David has been in the radio business since 1976. He graduated from the WXY School of Broadcasting in Cleveland and immediately went to work on the air starting in Canton, then…Learn More..

Massaro Bob HONOREE 2017

Bob Massaro owns and operates Bostrom Management, a local business that manages events, conferences and associations. Bob was born Robert Angelo Massaro on April 13, 1942, to Carmelo (Carl) and Angela…Learn More..

Narigi John V. HONOREE 2019

JOHN V. NARIGI General Manager, Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa As Vice President and General Manager of the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa since October of 1993, John Narigi has drawn on over 37 years…Learn More..

Orlebeck Roseann Cardinale HONOREE 2015

Roseann Cardinale Orlebeck and her husband, Bruce, have been married for 35 years and enjoy living in Corral de Tierra. They have three children and have been blessed with four grandchildren and are excited…Learn More..

Odello Bruna HONOREE 2006

Born in Italy near Lake Coma in Lombardia. She is a gregarious creative person, conversant in four languages, who lives her life as an example of top-quality women of Italian American origin. Although…Learn More..

Panetta Leon HONOREE 2004

Waiting for program biography.Learn More..

Pèpe Rich 2018 HONOREE

Rich Pèpe “Io sono Italiano.” (I am Italian). Like any ethnic family, I am very proud of my heritage. All my grandparents emigrated from Napoli, in Southern Italy and came through Ellis…Learn More..

Phillips Luke HONOREE 2015

Luke Phillips grew up in Monterey. His grandparents, Antonio and Carlotta Turano were Italian immigrants who settled in Monterey in the late 1890's. They raised ten children, including Luke's…Learn More..

Ragsdale Kathryn "Kitty" HONOREE 2006

 Kathryn "Kitty" Catania Ragsdale: (92 and still going strong) Kitty's involvement in church, city and state activities are numerous. She has served as grand marshal for numerous parades,…Learn More..

Rossi Emilio HONOREE 2007

Emilio Rossi was born in the small town of Piane Crati in Southern Italy on June 21, 1921. He was the youngest of four children. He learned love of his family, his culture and his country at…Learn More..

Russo James A. HONOREE 2008

James, or as he is more affectionately known, Jim, is a native of Monterey. He was born at the Monterey Hospital on March 25, 1940 to Mr. and Mrs. Shedo "Buck" Russo. Jim has three brothers,…Learn More..

Shake Chris Pullano HONOREE 2019

Chris Shake was born and raised in Monterey, California where he resides with his wife Lisa and son Austin who recently graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson.  He is the son of Isabella…Learn More..

Shake Family HONOREE 2008

There are few locals who are not aware of whom the Shake family is. Most for that matter have a favorite story or memory of how a member of the family did something special for them or someone they know.…Learn More..

Spadaro Vito HONOREE 2016

Vito Spadaro was born April 26, 1937 to John G. and Girolamo Spadaro. He has one sister Lena Spadaro. His parents came from Marettimo, Sicily to Monterey in 1930 where his father became a lifelong…Learn More..

Ventimiglia Mike HONOREE 2015

Mike Ventimiglia was born in Monterey Hospital in 1944 to parents Mike and Florence (Iannotta) Ventimiglia.  He was one of four children, two girls and two boys.  He attended Del Monte grammar…Learn More..

Ventimiglia Nick HONOREE 2006

Is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Community Band of Central California which he helped organize in 1983. He views community involvement and leadership as personal responsibilities.…Learn More..