Fishing - Additional Stories

Vince Ferrante Grand Marshall 2019

  It all began in 1899 when my Nanu, Vincenzo Ferrante, immigrated to Black Diamond (Pittsburg) California. He arrived days apart with his half-brother, Pietro Ferrante, who was in Isola de Femmine…Learn More..

Biography of Antonio (Novo) Nuovo

  The life of Antonio Novo has its beginning on December 5, 1897, in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily.  His parents were Giovanni Novo and Caterina Alastra Novo. His siblings were brothers Francesco…Learn More..

Giammanco, Antonino 1886– 1973 and Phillip Giammanco 1919–1989

My grandfather was born Antonino Giammanco on December 4, 1886, the son of Filippo Giammanco and Vincenza Randazzo. We are unsure whether he was their actual son or if he had been dropped on their porch,…Learn More..

Crivello Joseph G. 1907- and Frances M. Crivello -1912

My parents, Joseph G. and Frances M. Crivello, were born in 1907 and 1912, respectively, in Pittsburg, California. Their parents immigrated around the turn of the century from small fishing villages…Learn More..

Scardina Santo 1882-1955 and Maria Scardina 1891-1967

Our grandfather, Santo Scardina, was born on March 20, 1882, in San Nicola L’Arena, Trabia, Sicily.  He was the son of Pietro Scardina and Angelina Balistreri and the sixth child of ten. Grandmother…Learn More..

Mangiapane Alberto 1910-2000

  Alberto Mangiapane was born January 7, 1910, in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, to Pietro and Libornia Aiuto Mangiapane.  Alberto, who was called “Baetho”, began fishing in Sicily at…Learn More..

Bruno Cosimo "Gus" Peter

Cosimo "Gus" Peter Bruno, Notes from Interview 6/19/02 Interviewed and written by Linda Bruno, Daughter-in-law Cosimo "Gus" Bruno was born in Pittsburg, California,…Learn More..

Davi Giuseppe "Joe" 1938--2010

December 6, 1938--June 24, 2010 My name is Giuseppe (Joe) Davi. I was born in Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, on December 6, 1938 to parents Guerina (Gina) Cardinale and Francesco Davi. I am the oldest of…Learn More..

Lucido Orazio Horace 1909 -1957

Orazio “Horace” Lucido was born to Giuseppe Lucido and Francesca Cardinale on October 9, 1909 in the town of Isola delle Femmine, Sicily. Horace was a commercial fisherman and lived on the…Learn More..

Mineo Francisco "Frank" 1899-1961

Francisco "Frank" Mineo was born in February, 1899 in a small fishing village on the island of Marettimo, in the Province of Trapani, Sicily.  In 1921, Francisco (Frank) left his home and…Learn More..

Pennisi David "Rowdy" Lost at Sea 1962-2004

Rowdy Pennisi--Still seeking answers for fisher's disappearance We found out the Coast Guard was looking for my brother Rowdy's boat, the Relentless, when a friend called. He was out fishing and…Learn More..

Pennisi Giovanni "John"

Giovanni “John” Pennisi was born in Monterey, California, on July 20, 1963, to Giuseppe and Elaine Pennisi. He was named after his Nonno, Giovanni Pennisi, who came to California as a fisherman…Learn More..

Pennis Giuseppe "Joe" i"--Fisherman Buys Buyer

Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi  Intro for Fisherman Buys Buyer Giuseppe “Joe” Pennisi was born to Giovanni and Giuseppa Vasta Pennisi in Catania, Sicily. Giuseppe Pennisi followed…Learn More..

Russo John 1913-2002

John Russo My fishing career started at the age of 13 in Pittsburg, California where I was born. During vacations from school I fished with my father, Anthony Russo, for salmon and shad on the San…Learn More..

Gruwell Lucia "Ventimiglia" FISHING 1915-2017

Lucia "Lucy" Ventimiglia Gruwell was born February 10, 1915, in Martinez, CA, and arrived in Monterey at the age of three with her parents, Orazio and Maria Ventimiglia, and 9 brothers and sisters.…Learn More..

Ventimiglia Rose Enea 1929-2018

Rose Enea was born in Monterey, California, on November 14, 1929. Her mother Mary Balestrieri was born to Sicilian immigrants in Pittsburgh, California. Her father, Benny Enea was born in French…Learn More..

Ventimiglia Salvatore Memoirs Written in 1920

Salvatore Ventimiglia 1893-1975 The following is an autobiography of Salvatore Ventimiglia, which he wrote in 1920 in pencil, given to me by Cathy Gomez Ventimiglia, who's father was the son of Salvatore,…Learn More..

Ferrante Frank 1910-1960

1910 – 1960 Frank was born on July 22,1910 in Pittsburg, California to Angelina Catania Ferrante and Antonio Ferrante. Frank one of five brothers and three sisters according to the 1940 census.…Learn More..

Common Heritage Shared by California Sister Communities

Early Monterey clipper hull being launched at the G. E. Siino boat shop and ramp in Pittsburg. In the background is the F. E. Booth Cannery. Siino's brother, Angelo, founded the Monterey Boat Works…Learn More..

Fishing Boats

Fishing in Monterey Bay was mainly for salmon and was done by the sail boat or what the Italians call felucca.   Salmon were caught with gill nets this net consists of one or more panels of webbing…Learn More..

Fishing for a Comeback

Third-generation Monterey fisherman John Pennisi is preparing to relaunch his boat, The Irene’s Way, after eight years of keeping it docked. “It’s almost like starting all over again,"…Learn More..

Pennisi Giovanni Pennisi- family keeps Sicilian tradition of fishing alive

The village of Torre Archirafi, Sicily, was shrinking.  It seemed that men and families were fleeing the country as fast as they could find a boat to take them across the Atlantic.  Most had…Learn More..

Gill, Lampara and Seine Nets: A Day in the Life of a Fisherman

The mending and repair of fishing nets is an art form, a special skill which takes time to learn. We will take a look at three types of fishing nets that were used to fish the waters of Monterey Bay. Anthony…Learn More..

Isola delle Femmine Sister City

Isola delle Femmine, Sicily, became a Sister City to Monterey, California, on September 8, 2017.  Instrumental in getting this Sister City connection were Gasper Cardinale, Peter Coniglio and…Learn More..

Pittsburg, CA: The Black Diamond Connection (see photo's under same tittle)

Italians started migrating to the United States before 1850 with the discovery of gold in California at Sutter’s Mill around 1848.  Collinsville, California was a dropping off point for…Learn More..

Sicilian Carreto

                                                       …Learn More..

Storms and Boat Wrecks

 November 1919's storm that hit Monterey Bay almost devastated the fishing fleet. The storms that came out of the north were very severe and the fishing fleet that was moored in the bay…Learn More..

Where I Get My Strength

There are those of us who believe in a higher power and have had the privilege to witness the taking place of the strength and the power of believing. As a man who has made my living on the ocean…Learn More..